HUD Properties Can Be Great Investments…
IF You Know What You're Doing!

"HUD Property": It goes by many other names: Section 8, low-income housing, public housing, etc. Actually, there is a lot of bad information out there about HUD property.

First, let's clear up the "public housing" thing. When you drive by the giant high-rise ghettos in New York or Chicago, that's "public housing". It may have nothing at all to do with the Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD"). More likely, those giant eyesores were developed under local programs and are slated to be torn down. They are a failure at warehousing people.

HUD properties do house a lot of poor people, but the properties (and tenants) are often solid and decent. You've also probably heard statements like "Stay away from HUD deals! You don't want to have anything to do with those types of tenants!"

Who is Dave Lindahl?

If you need a refresher on my background, I was a burned-out landscaper 14 years ago. I had:

  • No money (OK, that's not totally true; I did have a whole $800 in the bank);
  • No time (that one is definitely true, because each night after a full day of grunting dirt and railroad ties around in my landscaping business, it was all I could do to pop a cool one and collapse in my chair in front of the TV);
  • No experience. My family didn't know anything about real estate. In fact, I got the "Dave, you're making a big mistake!" speech when I mentioned real estate.

I didn't "luck into" a fortune. I instead made it using tested and proven systems I developed over time. At first they were crude, but I hate making the same mistake twice, so I got better fast.

One of the key areas I focused on throughout my 14 years of doing real estate is attracting private money. In 2007, I attracted over $22 million in private money to fund 11 deals with a market value of $87 million. I now control over $160 million in real estate across the country.

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People that make such statements are never going to be rich. That's because they can't see past the obvious problems--things that can be fixed--and they don't see the profit potential in HUD deals.

Who am I to talk? My name is David Lindahl. I've made a fortune through investing in apartments, many of which are HUD-assisted properties. I've rehabbed or invested in over 520 properties in the last 9 years…starting from scratch.

My HUD experience? I've owned properties filled with poor people who were honest, "salt of the earth" types. Then again, I've owned properties infested by biker gangs, hookers, dealers, junkies, and every flavor of loser you would care to mention. Through my hundreds upon hundreds of HUD-assisted tenants, I've figured out a system of how to manage them, and how to make money at it.

The whole trick with HUD properties and tenants is to know your rights, have clear policies, and know exactly what to do when any situation arises. Sounds simple, but so few landlords do it!

That's why they get fed up with apartments in general, and HUD deals in particular, and they sell to me at rock-bottom prices.

Before you decide I'm some sort of slumlord, I should tell you that city officials call me up to ask if I could take over properties, because they know I'm honest and fair, I'll tolerate zero drugs or crime on my properties, and I provide quality rental units.

If you're looking for a sleazy way to gouge poor people and get away with no maintenance, then go to someone else's website. I have nothing for you here. However, if you're interested in how to make more money through owning HUD property, and sleep like a baby at night, then you've come to the right place!

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